The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood

- Ralph Nichols

Relationship Issues

Relationships are one of the most wonderful parts of the human experience. But they can also be tough – whether with your partner, children, extended family, boss, colleagues or friends. They can bring out the best in us, or the worst. All relationships have their ups and downs. If you feel like the quality of one or more of them is negatively impacting the quality of your life, however, you may be stuck in destructive or unhealthy patterns.

Common experiences:

  • Feeling sad, disappointed or frustrated
  • Conflict or no compromise
  • Distance or abandonment
  • Misunderstanding and/or miscommunication
  • Lack of intimacy or trust
  • Unresolved issues
  • Avoiding, checking out or withdrawing
  • Blaming, anger, silence or secrecy
  • Power imbalances
  • Resentment

In a review of 148 studies, researchers found that people with stronger social relationships had a 50 per cent increased likelihood of survival than those with weaker social relationships – proof of how vital they are to our overall health and well-being. Don’t wait for things to get worse before you reach out for support. Work collaboratively with Jennifer to learn how to develop loving, compassionate, nurturing relationships filled with trust and connection.

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